Make money with you watchpapers!

Did you find watch papers in a drawer or in the attic and you have no idea where the watch is? Or you sold the watch years ago and could not find the papers back than? You can now offer these papers via our website and possible sell these papers, for an amount up to 500 euros!

If you have watch papers without the watch you can send these to us, and we will send you a confirmation (by mail, email or phone) that we received these and put these in the database. People who are looking for papers only can order/buy these papers if they enter the exact number, which is only possible if they actually own the watch.

There are three price levels for the papers:

  •   250 euros (every day watches made in bulk)
  •   500 euros (collectible watches)
  • 1000 euros (vintage, rare watches, with booklets etc)

A collector who owns a double red Rolex Sea-dweller will gladly spend 1000 dollars for the papers of this watch, since it nearly doubles the value of this Rolex! We will share the amount we receive for the papers 50/50 with you!

Please send your papers or inquiries to:  

Televisieweg 103
1322 BD, Almere
Tel: +31 620616483